About Jai Goyal

A student from CSE who is currently in second year, I am participating in the elections and am standing for the post of President.

I have taken responsibility before as a core member in the scitech clubs Infero, Lambda, Epoch and the cultural club Rang De Manch. I have been a dedicated team player in all of thyem and worked for the betteremnt of the clubs, and consequently of the student community.

I have also been a sunshine mentor in this year and have laernt the skills of effective communication and the the importance of empathy.

Through my tenure as technical/experience manager in the E-Cell, IIT Hyderabad, I have learnt to work in professional manner. I played a key role in ensuring that the online facilities worked well foe the E Summit

I have represented IITH in both inter IIT Tech meet 9.0 and cultural meet (2019 - 20), giving my best at my academics all the while.

I try to be always there for my friends and I have learnt a lot from them when I myself needed them. Through these collective experiences, I have grown to realise that I need to pass on what has been passed to me.



Students will be made more aware about the Health insurance policy. Working on the overhaul of the health insurance currently made available to all students to be upgraded to a better plan,based on the community feedback and feasibility.


Contacting CSIR to streamline the release of monthly stipends. Hostel authorities will be conveyed the current status of these (and the students affected), to grant them extension in payment of their dues.


We will try to reintroduce HRA.


Workshop and awareness campaign will be organized to educate the student community about the common issues faced and the solutions we can implement to increase gender equity in the community.


The introduction of a general purpose electronics and hardware shop to supply the necessary materials to the entire student community.


Alumni reunions will be organized to gymkhana on campus to allow the pass-out to stay in touch with their college life, strengthening the college-alumni collection.


Introduction of Finance club.


An undergrad in CSE @ IIT Hyderabad with CGPA 9.41.Currently pursuing multiple projects outside of academics


Represented IITH in both Inter IIT Tech meet 9.0 and Cultural Meet(2019-20).

Clubs Involvements

Core at Infero, Lambda, Epoch, Rand De Manch. A UG mentor with Sunshine. A Manager at ECell IIT Hyderabad.

Social Life

Always eager to learn, help and support whenever I can. I participate actively in all social events in our institute.